One of the reasons I love Animal Crossing is that I can walk alone at night and feel safe.


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I was in the middle of something else and then my friend said,

"Xerneas has a cute butt tho, dat soft cotton ass"

and then i was like “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck gotta draw it.”

She might be a fairy but she’ll kick ur ass tho.

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hhhmmmmmaster sword

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Aqua’s reaction when Yen Sid told her Terra killed Eraqus.

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pretty pretty war monk

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"Lucina, I’ll stop her attacks… even if it kills me.  Now RUN!  While you’ve still got the chance!  Mother said her greatest pride as a pegasus knight was defending the exalted family.  I may not be a pegasus knight, but I can still share in their duty!  I can still protect you!"

I REALLY THINK THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE PARTS IN FUTURE PAST SO FAR AHHHHOHGOAIEHRG.  Next to the many others of course but man did my heart swell so much when Severa stepped forward and said that. It also makes me question so hard why Severa and Lucina don’t have a support I mEAN REALLY.  YOU GIVE ME THIS SCENE THEN NO SUPPORT You’re not fair Nintendo.  Not fair at all.

I started drawing this like immediately after that scene ended because my ds needed to charge.  And hey, another piece with background practice!!  I’ve been trying to get better at making a go at backgrounds and apparently sunset scenes when I can so 。゜(つω`)゜。 I’m so happy with how it turned out cries

ps full view please please

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